Spotting Bobwhites on our Quail Hunting Georgia Plantation

Bobwhite hunting is a popular activity involving hunters and their dogs. In South Carolina, where hunting is most popular, many people participate in this adventurous activity. However, there are just as many opportunities for quail hunting in Middle Georgia. Georgia is the perfect destination if you want to go Bobwhite Quail hunting for a reasonable price. Our Quail hunting Georgia plantation counts many quail, and today we look at the bobwhite quail and how you can spot them.

Recognizing bobwhites on our quail hunting Georgia plantation

Depending on where you go hunting, you can run into different kinds of quail. Although quail are relatively small birds, identifying different races is simpler by looking for their distinctive characteristics. Bobwhite quail are the most prevalent variety at our quail hunting Georgia plantation. We also refer to the Bobwhite quail as the Virginia quail and the Northern Bobwhite.

The bobwhite can be recognized by their characteristic black and white striped face and by the color of their body, which is dark chestnut with a scaled white underbelly. These medium-sized quail also have a little crest on their heads. Compared to other quail species, their body is more rounded and substantial. They have short tails. The bobwhite’s size can range from 9.4 to 11.0-inches in length, with a 13 to 15-inch wingspan.

Male bobwhites have a peak or short crest on their head, with striking black and white stripes on their face. They have a brown crown atop their heads, with a white throat. Most of their upper parts are chestnut in hue, while most of their underparts have a scaled pattern in brown and white. Female bobwhites sport buffy throats and stripes located close to their eyes. You can see white, black, and brown dots on their body, which sets them apart from males.

Bobwhites are in decline

Since the 1960s, there has been a nearly 85% decrease in the northern bobwhite population in eastern North America. The leading cause of this reduction is most likely habitat destruction. It is important to note that the decline has impacted not just the bobwhite quail but other varieties of quail. We work hard to control the quail population on our Quail hunting Georgia plantation. For the quail hunting season to be open each year, we maintain our quail populations to healthy numbers. A big part of managing our plantation involves species management.

How to spot the bobwhite on Quail Hunting Georgia Plantation

The ground level is where you should look for the Northern bobwhite quail, particularly in fields, meadows, and open woodlands. They hang out near roadside and forest boundaries as well. The best way to hunt them is to have a hunting dog flushing them for you, so you can shoot them as they fly off. Always shoot them far up in the air for the safety of other hunters. As with any other plantation, safety is always paramount at our quail hunting Georgia plantation.

The bobwhite’s unusual whistling call gave rise to the moniker “bobwhite” because their whistling cry sounded similar to “bob-WHITE”. Once you hear it, it is highly distinctive and identifiable. Bobwhites blow whistles that are sluggish and have noticeable syllable gaps. There is frequently a complete octave difference between the beginning and finish of their pitch. When they announce to one another that there is danger, they also make little peeps, and their whistling accelerates quickly. Keeping your ears open is the best way to spot them from a distance, as they are still relatively small birds.

We hope this info helps you to identify bobwhites. At least you know what to expect, what to look for, and what sounds to expect. Book a hunt with us during the quail hunting season if you want to have a great time hunting quail. Our quail hunting Georgia plantation is well maintained and looked after, and our guides have the perfect experience so that you will have a great time.