Quail Hunting Plantation

We are a family-owned and operated hunting plantation, located in Mauk, Georgia, Taylor county. We reside between Columbus and Macon, north of Americus and south of Atlanta. We purchased the plantation years ago and have been managing it for bobwhite quail. Our 1200 acres of hunting grounds provides for some of the best quail hunting in Georgia. Our terrain is diverse, with rolling hills, hardwood bottoms and swamplands. Our Hunting plantation provides the perfect cover for hunters, as well as the ideal natural habitat and food sources for quail.

About Our Plantation

The Gilbert family at their Georgia Hunting Plantation

Our plantation has its own history. It originally was much larger in size, with around fifty-five hundred acres of planted farm fields and hunting land. During the civil war, the plantation was owned by Captain Eli Stewart. His gravesite remains on the plantation today next to his wife.

Our plantation’s original owner was walking on a foggy morning with a friend, inspecting timber. Both people stopped in their tracks to admire a large whitetail deer with a gray coat and a large rack. The deer was standing in the fog. Both friends looked at one another with a surprised look, and upon looking back a few seconds later, the deer had vanished. This created a mythical aspect to our plantation.

The plantation is now proudly managed by the Gilbert family. We look after the land to ensure Bobwhite Quail can nest and thrive, offering hunters the opportunity to catch some of the best game in Georgia. 

Girl With Deer

Georgia Hunting Outfitter

We are a proud and family-ran Georgia Hunting outfitter. We strive to be the best hunting outfitter in Georgia by doing everything we can for our clients. It is essential for us to make every customer have a great hunting experience.

Whether you are a group of friends, family or a corporate group, you will have the chance to hunt on our well-managed hunting grounds. Make the most of our hunting plantation and enjoy a memorable hunting season.

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