Georgia Quail Hunting Lodge

Hunting gets you close to nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time outdoors! You can proudly enjoy the fruits of your hunt by relaxing in our very comfortable hunting lodge. Our lodge includes wireless Internet, high-definition satellite TV, and all the other home comforts. Oh, and did we mention, we provide home-cooked meals too! Nothing beats that feeling of enjoying a hunting lodge after a long day of hunting quail. This is all part of a true hunting experience, something you will remember for the times to come.

Hunt Outdoors, Relax Indoors

Our hunting lodge is perfect for you to have that ideal hunting experience. We offer a truly authentic settings, because a hunting trip wouldn’t feel complete without the appropriate hunting lodges. Imagine the feeling of resting in a warm atmosphere while talking about your hunting trip. You can rest, gather all the energy you need before you go back out for more game. Our lodge offers the perfect mix of a traditional hunting cabin, combined with all the essential amenities you’ve come to expect from a modern home. No need to compromise when you can get the perfect home comforts to complement your quail hunting adventure.

Georgia Quail Hunting Packages

We believe in flexibility to fit your needs, wants and schedules. This is why we provide half-day and full-day hunting packages, but that is not all. We also offer multi-day quail hunting packages. To top it all, we can build custom wing shooting package for your quail hunting party.  Feel free to tell us what you’re after, we can arrange that for you during your booking. All our hunting package includes a guide and dogs. Bird cleaning services are also avialable on request. The flexibility of our hunting packages is why we can offer some of the best quail hunting trips in the state of Georgia. 

Georgia Quail Hunting Outfitter

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for hunting make for for the perfect birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift. If you would like to hunt quail for that special occasion, or offer someone the gift of hunting, please contact us for gift certificates and we will make it happen. Reach out to us today to learn more – call 478-334-5841 or schedule a hunt online.