Hunting Quail – Tips & Tricks

Quail hunting Georgia is a popular tradition. It is also the ideal leisurely hunt, whether you’re looking for a simple search or to hone your hunting skills. Not only that, but Quail also taste great if you cook them the right way! However, just like any other hunting activity, there are a few things you should know when hunting quail. You will want to be prepared to make the most of your day and ensure you have a successful hunt. Here are some tips and tricks. Follow those, and you will have a great quail hunt at Gray Ghost Plantation!

How to spot quail?

Quail is a small and somewhat rounded bird, with a reasonably large body and a small head. The most common Quail species in Georgia is the Bobwhite quail. The Bobwhite size ranges from 9.4 to 11.0 inches in length with a wingspan ranging 13 to 15inches. You can distinguish a Bobwhite Quail by:

  • a white streak on its head
  • a brownish body
  • a grey tail
  • pale legs and feet

What is the best weather for hunting quail?

Quail thrive best in damp areas where they can find worms and bugs for sustenance. The best weather to go hunting Quail is after rainfall, preferably not too long after the rain has stopped or during the winter months during the quail hunting season in Georgia.

Visibility is a significant aspect when hunting Quail. Foggy or windy weather will always impede your ability to spot your prey, but this is especially true with quail as they are not a giant bird as far as hunting goes. Therefore, you will want to hunt Quail in calm weather conditions. This will make it easier for you to spot their movement when the dogs flush the covey.

What is the best terrain to find quail?

You can find Bobwhite Quail either close to woody areas or in open fields. They enjoy areas with enough grass and weeds as those offer them some protection. They will avoid places where the grass is too short and where the grass is too thick, making it difficult for them to move around. In short, they like to feel protected, so don’t expect them to stay too long in bare open fields.

What is the best time for hunting quail?

You can spot quail sometimes in open fields in the morning when they feel they aren’t too exposed to hunters and other prey. They will move to more protected and shady areas during the middle part of the day as they like to feel safe from the heat and exposition to other elements. When it gets late in the day, Quail will approach open areas to search for food. When the evening comes, they will retreat to protected grassy areas where they can feel safe sleeping.

The best times to hunt quail are when they look for food in open areas, as they focus on foraging. They are more distracted, and therefore they will not always notice or pay attention to hunters. This means that for visibility and more comfortable availability, morning and later in the day work best. However, you can decide to hunt them in grassier areas at other times of the day, but they will be more challenging to spot there.

How close can you get to quail?

Quail are very frail; they will fly off as soon as they feel threatened. Normally the bird dogs will point, and the quail are within a few feet of the hunting dogs. At that point when the flush dog goes on to disrupt the covey, this is the time to be ready. Also, always make sure that you don’t shoot a low flying Quail. This can lead to accidents where you could shoot your hunting dog or other hunters around you. Always aim high, be safe, and responsible.

What is the best weapon for hunting quail?

You will want an accurate weapon with some range of fire. A 20-Gauge Shotgun is the best weapon to use, along with eight shotshells to increase fire range. A long barrel is best to keep your shot focused, giving a great compromise between accuracy and range of fire. Ultimately it is all about what you feel comfortable using, and in that respect, a 28-gauge shotgun can also work just as well.

Should you take a hunting dog?

Quail hunting georgia requires trained dogs, which we supply here at Gray Ghost Plantation. The short of it is you want a trained dog that can flush the prey and retrieve it in one piece. Not all hunting dogs will have the training to do this with such small game. This is why we recommend that unless your dog is appropriately trained to hunt Quail, you should leave it at home. Our dogs are trained. They will be able to bring Quail to you and also retrieve it for you in good condition.

We hope those tips help you in your preparation for Quail hunting. If you want more information or have any questions, feel free to call us today at 478-334-5841. You can also contact us online to ask us anything or book your hunt today!