Georgia Quail Hunting: a Family Tradition

If you are passionate about hunting in Georgia, you will, without a doubt, have heard about the long tradition of quail hunting. Spending time with Georgian hunters from the older generations sharing their quail-hunting stories is something you most likely experienced. But why are older bird hunters so passionate about sharing those old quail hunting stories? To understand that, we will look at the long tradition of Georgia quail hunting and why it is still one of the best bird hunting experiences today.

Hunting & dog lovers tales

If you’ve heard the stories, you will notice straight away that the hunter itself isn’t always the focus. Let’s face it, the star of the show is still that good old bird dog, and boy, do hunters love to talk about their dog! Man’s best companion has never been more appreciated than during a good quail hunt. 

Imagine waking early in the morning, getting prepared, and taking your good old canine friend with you to the fields. You hide; they search and find. As long as you train them well, they will bring your prey back intact. There is a knack for training your dog for quail hunting. You will want them to get your game back in good condition, which is not always easy with such a small bird. The last thing you want is for your prey to be destroyed and unusable for consumption.

Georgia Quail hunting today

The reality is that quail hunting today is not as common as it once was, simply because there are now fewer birds available to hunt. Agriculture is advancing at a fast pace and taking over a lot of the southern land. It has led to quail losing their natural habitat over time.

The great news is that we have plenty of land and quail to hunt at Gray Ghost Plantation. We are very much attached to this old Georgian tradition, and we want to make sure that it keeps going. Our parents taught it to us, we teach it to our children, and we want you to have the opportunity to do the same. Beyond the hunt, let’s not forget that quail is actually a very tasty treat. All around, it is just a great tradition with many benefits!

Hunting Quail at Gray Ghost Plantation

We have managed quail habitat in a manner that promotes and encourages a natural habitat for quail. Not only that, but we also offer the most excellent accommodations to hunters. What you get with us is simply the best quail hunting experience.

Another thing you will be pleased to hear is that while you can bring your well-trained dog, you don’t have to if you can’t. Our Georgia quail hunting packages include professional quail hunting guides, dogs. We also supply the necessary licensing, bottled water, and transportation from course to course.

Experience the family tradition

Flushing a wild bird with a dog, seeing it fly away, and successfully hunting your prey. It is something you will want to experience. Build some memories, bring your family. Stay at the plantation hunting lodge and spend time bonding with your children. Nothing comes close to it. Spend some time educating your children about the tradition of quail hunting, and maybe they will keep passing it onto the next generations.

Quail hunting isn’t just a hunt; it is sharing a heritage. After all, what is there not to like? A great time outdoors, bonding with your dog and family represents what hunting is truly all about. We cannot recommend it highly enough.

If you look at the bigger picture, the truth is that the more people know about quail hunting, the better it will be for the quail population themselves. It will allow future generations to conserve their land and encourage the re-growth of their natural habitat. This is an aspect of hunting that people tend to forget about. Hunting means laying the ground for those animals to populate, it is something that we all benefit from.

Georgia quail hunting is far more than just a sport. Check our quail hunting packages and book your hunt today. Experience the best bird hunt by yourself, your friends, or with your family. Don’t miss out on this hunting tradition, and build the best hunting memories for you to share with the younger generations.